Why choose us?

Kitchen Factory Showroom

Rigid cabinets, not flat pack

What are some of the benefits of purchasing your dream kitchen direct from the factory:

1. No fancy, expensive high street premises.

2. Cut out the middle man

3. No commission only, high pressure salesman – All our staff are salaried. We
already have an established business selling our product all over the country, so no targets to meet.

4. Your kitchen is made to order 2 days before delivery, and is delivered direct
from our factory to your doorstep.

5. Special sizes are manufactured to suit the dimensions of your kitchen, not standard sizes that are butchered on site and forced to fit.

6. By manufacturing the cabinets ourselves we can do things other kitchen retailers can’t do (unless we supply them) – This includes, any height units, any depth units, any width units, 8 different depth drawers, gables to the floor, plinth drawers to name a few.

7. As we manufacture your kitchen to your specification we only drill what needs drilling. If your cabinet is RHH (Right hand hinged) we will only drill the RH Gable, so no need for unsightly nasty plastic bungs to cover unnecessary holes.

8. Your kitchen will be installed by our own installations team. All trades carried out by one company.

9. If a cabinet is made wrong, we go in the factory and make another. We don’t
phone a supplier and wait days for them to respond.

10. All units are rigid and ready to be installed when they are delivered to your door. Larger units that are too big to fit through the doors will be supplied in component form and built on site by the fitter.

11.  The installations team have direct access to the factory. This speeds things up when extra items are required.

12. The sales manager worked in the factory and knows everything about the manufacturing process. We therefore have more knowledge than your average salesman.

13. You end up with a better quality kitchen at a very competitive price

14. We are knowledgeable and nice people to deal with.


Visit our Showroom in Dudley to discuss our bespoke fitted kitchens made direct from our factory.